Song Giver
Huichol Legend

By David Chethlahe Paladin


Wirru Wirru, the grandmother of all birds, makes the first sound by speaking to Kurru (the pink center figure), the song giver.  “I will send my children, the Kariti, to teach you to sing.  Through the voice of Peyote you will give the sounds in a sacred bowl to Yakatu, the singer. As she sings, one of the Kariti, Arrum Arrum, will give 


 Acrylic on Canvas

the sound of the Creator’s heart beat to Patupu, the drummer.  Drumming, he will give music to the other beings.  The black male Wampatatu and the white female Wampatatu will be those who dance.  The male dancers make music upon the rasp and the female dancers will make music with the bull-roarer.”

The spirals connecting the figures to the border symbolize the life passage, through the dark band of night (death) and back to the magenta band (the Creator’s breath).  The stars are connected to the black band of night.

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