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Matthew Fox has devoted his career to unleashing the suppressed mystical and life-affirming traditions within Christianity and other faiths. His theology of Christian Spirituality-the belief that we are born in "original blessing"-earned him the headline-making censure of the Vatican, which officially "silenced" Fox in 1989 and precipitated his dismissal by the Dominican Order in 1993. Now an Episcopal priest, Fox is the author of more than twenty books.  Fox is the founder and president of the University Creation Spirituality (UCS) located in downtown Oakland, California.  He wrote the Foreword to Painting the Dream.


David Paladin was a featured speaker at the Dick Sutphen Super Seminars in the 1970ís.  Dick describes his relationship with David in his book, You Were Born Again To Be Together (Pocket Books 1976).


The S Files features regular updates on various aspects of Brad and Sherry Steigerís research into ghosts, UFOs, ancient civilizations, psychic phenomena, mediumship, healing, the power of prayer, and all aspects of the paranormal. 

Brad and David met while they were presenting at the Dick Sutphen Super Seminars in the mid-1970ís.  Bradís book, The Chindi, a Navajo ghost story, contains a character, David Little Turtle, who is modeled after David Paladin.


Corinne Cain & Associates is a nationally recognized firm affording expert appraisal and consulting services on Fine Art and Native American Art.  "Discussing Value with a Perspective Appraiser" on the list of articles written by Corinne Cain may be useful for those wanting to resell David Paladin fine art.  If you enjoy Southwestern art please visit this informative site!


Publisher of Painting the Dream, by David Chethlahe Paladin, Bear & Company specializes in books on ancient wisdom, new science, visionary fiction, Western thought, indigenous traditions, Maya studies, extraterrestrial consciousness, and complementary medicine.


Caroline Myss is a powerful speaker who has impacted and changed the lives of those who have experienced her audio and video presentations or read her books.  In her book, Why People Donít Heal and How They Can, Caroline describes an event from Davidís life story to illustrate her point about the importance of calling the spirit back when we face difficult, discouraging times.


"The Inner Counselor provides a compelling, 'user-friendly', and invaluable resource for awakening intuitive intelligence and leading us to the heart of wholeness."  Please visit this site to view Ann Nunley's Inner Counselor book and card set, and her  original art work, prints and cards. 



An Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Sacred Arts & Sacred Traditions
by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.


Versatility in subject matter is a prominent attribute of Denton Lund's art. He is able to move with ease in diverse subject areas.

Extensive links: artists; art-related; web design; site-seeing


"As we seek to know the Source, May we come to know ourselves, That we may give the better concept of Spirit in this world."  This site includes a variety of subjects, including a visionary art gallery.



Fine art exhibit by prominent Native American artists. Fine art with a Message!  This site also features a an extensive list of Native American links, national and international art links


Aboriginal Arts Gallery Saskatchewan

Arts and crafts by Saskatchewan Native artists and  North American Native art links


The People's Path - Click Here for Other Native American Art and Information

The People's Path - Click above for Other Native American Art and Information